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If your company is has engaged in fraud against the government, you may be able to confidentially report it and earn a share of the government’s recovery. This includes fraud against Medicare and Medicaid. If your company has cheated a government program, you can sue as a whistleblower, and if you (on behalf of the government) win the case, you personally get to keep 15-30% of money that was recovered as a result of your lawsuit.

Whistleblower Lawsuits
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Qui Tam Lawsuits in St. Louis, Missouri and Southern Illinois

This type of lawsuit is known as a “qui tam” (pronounced “key tam”) claim. The False Claims Act (“FCA”) is a federal law that gives individuals the right to file actions on behalf of the government. In this type of case, a private person, known as a “relator” can start a lawsuit to recover money on behalf of the government. The government may or may not decide to intervene and take over the case. If they do intervene (meaning they think it is a good case), you will still get a percentage if you win, but the percentage will be lower.

Medical Billing and Coding Whistleblower Lawsuits

Individuals who work in medical offices on medical billing or coding may have this kind of claim. For example, some medical offices cheat the government by systematically overcharging of Medicaid or Medicare, for example by “unbundling” (charging separately for services that would cost less together—for example, complete blood count panels), or “upcoding” (charging at a higher or supplemented billing code routinely for all types of visits even when unnecessary). Similarly, some medical facilities will administer medicine for a purpose that according to the FDA is improper, yet bill Medicaid or Medicare for this use. If you have access to evidence of these practices as part of your regular job, you could file a qui tam lawsuit, and if you win a recovery on behalf of the government, keep a percentage for yourself.

Federal Contract Whistleblower Claims

Similarly, individuals who do federal contract work may have this kind of claim. If your company bills the federal government for any kind of work that it does not do, and you have access to inside evidence of this practice, you could have a qui tam claim.

Confidential Information and Whistleblower Lawsuits

You can only sue in this way if you have special information about fraud against the government that is not publicly known. Once the information is disclosed publicly, you lose the ability to recover a share. If you have this kind of inside information, it is important that you keep it completely confidential, or only between you and your attorney, if you want to preserve any whistleblower claim and chance of recovering money. Because the ongoing fraud will continue to harm the government, you should contact an attorney right away.

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